Rare earth application in functional ceramic industry
Author: yisainuo Time: 2023-07-17 09:36:51

Mainly includes: super conducting ceramics, piezoelectric ceramics, conductive ceramics, sensitive ceramics and so on.


With development of material sciences, functional compound ceramics concerned in recent years, it also achieved large progress of rare earth elements mixed in development research of functional compound ceramics. Chen ang who of zhejiang university and others adopted conventional preparation method of functional ceramics, compound of YBa2Cu3O7-x and ferroelectric ceramics BaTiO3, and got YBa2Cu3O7-x-BaTiO3 series compound functional ceramics of ferroelectricity and superconductivity, its electric conductance characteristics are confirm with three-dimensional conductivity behavior, and it presents super-conductivity when YBa2Cu3O7-x content is high. Zhou Dongxiang, who is from Wuhan,Huazhong University of Science and Technology pointed out in his study that LaCoO3-SrCoO3 series and LaCrO3-SrCrO3 series compound functional ceramics can as polarity material and gas sensing material of magneto fluid motor; but in NTC thermal sensitive composites of NiMn2O4-LaCrO3 ceramics, conductive phase of new compound LaMnO3 decides major nature of ceramics. Zou Qin, from Xi'an Jiao Tong University(XJTU) through using rare earth ions of Y3+、La3+ to mix (Sr,Ca)TiO3, which leaved out original alkali metal ions of(Nb5+、Ta5+)covering and making craft of heat diffusion, and made ceramics material has high density and favorable manufacturability and kept dielectric-pressure sensitive compound performance characteristics of low resistance (ρ is 10-2Ω/cm order), high non-linear (non-linear coefficient α is larger than 10).


Intelligent ceramics mean a kind of functional ceramic with feature of self-diagnosis, self-adjustment, self-adjustment and self-change. Like former statements that PZT ceramics added lanthanum and got PLZT ceramics, which is not only an excellent electro-optical ceramics, but has performance of shape memory, and embody self tuning mechanism of self recovery of shape, hence it is a kind of intelligent ceramics. Proposal of intelligent ceramics material conception, initiated a new theory of preparing and designing ceramics material, it is benefit to expand tombarthite’s application in modern functional ceramics. Recent study indicated that tombarthite has unique function in new ceramics material of biological ceramics, antibacterial ceramic. Due to rare earth elements can increase effect with transition elements like silver, zinc, copper, developed antibacterial effect of rare earth composite phosphate can make ceramics surface produce massive OH, hence ceramics’ mold resistance is strengthened.


It should embody our tombarthite resourcs merit anf further strengthen study of effect of tombarthite mixing on functional ceramic property and development strength of new functional ceramics, and improve application value of tombarthite in hi-tech material effectively.


Tombarthite ceramics material means color of zircon based rare earth ceramic pigment which combined by five kinds of colors.it makes as ornamental material of building ceramics of glazed tiles, external tiles, ground tiles, especially adopt to color ornaments of plumbing fixture ceramics products, it can make as chromophore of porcelain glaze, middle glaze and underglaze colour. Combined coloring of zircon based rare earth ceramic pigment is made by host materials of zircon alba and silica, transition element and tombarthite element as combination colorants, add a small amount of mineralizer and composed after solid phase reaction under 900 to 1150 degrees. Its major technical indexes are as follows: hues are red, yellow, blue, green and gray, stability is less than or equal to 1280℃, maximum can reach 1300℃), adoption climate is oxidizing flame, not less than 90% of particle diameter is less than 15 μm, zero of larger than 30μm.