View of 17 types of rare earth use
Author: Kitty Wang Time: 2020-07-09 14:17:14

A normal metaphor is petroleum is blood of industry, the rare earth element is vitamin of industry.


Rare earth is brief of a group metal, including 17 elements of lanthanum, cerium, praseodymium in periodic table of (chemical) elements, it is applied in many fields like electrics, petrified, metallurgy inclusively. At intervals of three to five years, scientists can be able to find new application of rare earth ,there is one item which cannot leave away the rare earth at every six inventions.


China’s rare earth mineral resources are rich, it stands three world first place: first storage, first production scale, first expert amount. Meanwhile, china is an only country which can provide 17 rare earth metals, especially prominent middle heavy rare earth in military use, china accounted share is admired by other countries.


Tombarthite is a precious strategic resources, it called as “industry aginomoto” and “new material”, it is applied in frontier hi-tech filed and military and industrial fields. According to introduction of indsutry and informationalization department, some performance materials like rare earth permanent magnet, light, hydrogen storage, catalyze are essential raw materials of hi-tech industries like advanced equipment manufacturing, new energy, emerging industries, it is also applied in electrics, petrochemical engineering, metallurgy, machine, new energy, light industry, environmental protection, agriculture and so on.


In 1983, Japan has launched strategic storage system of rare materials, its domestic 83% tombarthite is come from china. Which is worth to mention is there reported after purchased massive tombarthite, Japan is not eager to use it, but stored it in bottom of sea for facing future energy demand.


Having a look to America, its tombarthite storage just lower than china, but since 1999, it adopted means of sealing to stop mining national rare earth resources and imported from china massively/


Comrade Deng Xiaoping said that middle east has petroleum, china has tombarthite.” its overtone is self-evident. Tombarthite is not only essential “aginomoto” of world 1/5 hi-tech products, but a strong and powerful chip card of world negotiation table in future china. Protecting and utilizing scientific rare earth resources , not sell precious rare earth resources to western countries has became a national strategy of many men with high ideals recently. Deng Xiaoping cleared location of great tombarthite power. Global 97% tombarthite supply is come from china, western worries their over dependence on china’s rare earth resources. But rare earth resources are china’s resources, china has right to dispose it, don’t need to care European and American discontent attitude.

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